Jewel Box Homes NW was formed in 2014 by Jeff Bennett, a former commercial real estate attorney and landscape architect, whose passion for renovating moderately sized single-family homes was borne out of the difficulty he encountered in 2002 and 2012 when his efforts to downsize to a quality home were met with an extremely limited supply. During that decade the boomer generation moved from the height of the work world to thoughts of retirement or, at least, a transition to a more livable enjoyable lifestyle. Often that means living in a location close to everyday amenities like fresh food markets, coffee shops, restaurants, entertainment venues, and mass transit. By the time Jewel Box Homes NW was formed in May 2014 Bennett was ready to retire from law practice and pursue his passion.  

The central idea behind Jewel Box Homes NW is simple: provide high quality design, construction and finish in a moderately sized home that is well-located to the everyday amenities demanded by empty nesters and young professionals. Portland has an abundance of both resources: interesting old homes in vibrant urban neighborhoods.    

Jewel Box Homes NW is committed to finding and renovating vintage housing, and to excellence in the quality of home it brings to the people of Portland. Good design is a prime component of achieving this standard. Architect Dave Giulietti and interior designer Carrie Carlson develop plans with a highly functional and efficient space arrangement, and detail appropriate to the home, the neighborhood, and today's lifestyle.  Jewel Box Homes NW engages the right subcontractors, craftspersons and suppliers needed to implement the plans and finish work.